Report: Miley Cyrus Asks Judge to Seal Video Deposition in Dog Bite Case

The singer's legal team asked a judge to keep the tape under wraps as they claim it would cause damage to her reputation.

AceShowbiz - Miley Cyrus has requested a judge seal a videotape of her deposition in a dog bite lawsuit for fear of it being leaked to the media.

Back in 2014, Miley's sister Brandi was sued by Yolande Ngom, who claimed Brandi's German Shepherd dog, Feather, bit Ngom at Brandi's apartment complex, which Miley paid for, according to The Blast.

Ngom wanted to depose the 25-year-old, but the singer allegedly tried to avoid a lengthy legal interview with the plaintiff's lawyers, previously claiming she had no knowledge of the incident and had not met the dog prior to the alleged attack.

However, after a video surfaced earlier this year showing the Wrecking Ball hitmaker with Feather in 2010, Miley finally sat for a deposition after admitting she needed to make "clarifications" to her original declaration.

The singer's legal team asked a judge on Friday, July 27, to keep the tape under wraps as they claim it would cause damage to her reputation, as she is often "the subject of media and tabloid speculating concerning even irrelevant minutiae details of her life."

However, Ngom refused her request, and accused the award-winning singer of trying to get special treatement because of her fame.

The model and her legal team claimed Miley could be embarrassed by the "implausibility of her own testimony" during the deposition, and said she went to great lengths to accommodate the singer for the deposition by moving the location to a rented Hilton hotel room.

In the legal documents, Ngom claimed the testimony Miley gave can be characterised as fluctuating between "utterly implausible" and "wilfully false."

The model denies ever leaking information from the case and demanded the judge deny Miley's request to seal the tape.

The case is ongoing.

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