'EastEnders' Star Zack Morris Apologizes for 'Stupid' Knife Comments

'I am so sorry to anyone that I have upset or offended, these were stupid comments I made years ago,' he says in an interview.

AceShowbiz - EastEnders actor Zack Morris has apologised for "stupid comments" he once made about carrying a knife.

The 19-year-old, who plays Keegan Baker in the soap, was forced to issue a statement after a tweet he wrote back in 2014 resurfaced online.

"I carry a blade on me at all times," he jokingly posted.

On Friday, July 06, Morris sought forgiveness from the show's fans and apologised profusely.

"I want people to know I have never carried a knife in my life," he told British newspaper the Daily Mirror. "If I could take it back I would, and I just hope that people can forgive me. I am so sorry to anyone that I have upset or offended, these were stupid comments I made years ago."

Keegan and Shakil Kazemi, played by Shaheen Jafargholi, were stabbed for stealing a gang member’s bike. Shakil later died and the emotional funeral of the fictional teen aired on Friday, and featured real-life knife crime victims and their relatives, including the family of 16-year-old Ben Kinsella, who was killed in 2008.

Scriptwriters have been working with the Ben Kinsella Trust, which was set up by Ben's sister, former EastEnders actress Brooke Kinsella, and earlier this year she commended the soap for airing the storyline.

"I commend the EastEnders team for choosing this storyline to portray the realities of knife crime," she said. "With knife crime on the increase it is vitally important that we help people understand its lasting impact. Carrying a knife won't protect you, it won't give you status, harming or stabbing someone isn't a trivial act. It simply destroys lives forever."

According to the Daily Mirror, show bosses decided to tackle the subject of knife crime after cases across the U.K rose by 22 per cent last year. There have already been more than 1,200 stabbings in London so far in 2018, and at least 50 fatalities, the newspaper reported.

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