Sandra Bullock Channeled Kim Kardashian's High Heel Confidence in 'Ocean's 8'
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The actress opens up about being 'a little nervous because I had to walk this entire staircase' in stilettos in the movie.

AceShowbiz - Sandra Bullock channelled her inner Kim Kardashian to walk confidently in high heels for the new Ocean's 8 movie.

The Blind Side star was a little unsteady on her feet as she was filmed walking down some stairs at New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art for the hit heist comedy, which is set during the venue's annual Met Gala, where her character, Debbie Ocean, and her team of crooks set out to steal the Toussaint, a $150 million (£112 million) Cartier necklace from Anne Hathaway's diva actress Daphne Kluger.

Reality TV star Kim and her half-sister, model Kendall Jenner, make cameo appearances in the ensemble project, and Sandra reveals she tried to take notes as she watched how they carried themselves while strutting around in stilettos.

"I got a little nervous, because I had to walk this entire staircase in that dress and I couldn't look down because I was supposed to keep an eye on it (the prized necklace)," she told breakfast show Today.

"The Kardashian sisters (sic) were right there (in the scene) and I kept looking at their feet, going, 'How are they not falling...?'." Director Gary Ross had Sandra did a couple of takes of her walk down the stairs, and on the second try, the Oscar winner tried her best to walk in the same way as Kim and Kendall.

"Gary would be like, 'OK, do it again!' and I'm like, 'Ugh,'" she recalled. "I'd try it again and be like (telling myself), 'OK, do it like the Kardashians!'".

Sandra was particularly careful to avoid tripping and falling in all her finery, because her fake Met Gala outfit was a "work of art".

"All of us ladies got to wear some pretty amazing dresses for the gala," Bullock explained. "Alberta Ferretti designed my dress and the craftsmanship that went into it was fantastic. I don’t know if it was intentional, but my character’s last name is Ocean, and when I looked down at the bottom of the dress and the train, there were starfish and shells and waves all embroidered in gold and silver on top of this sea of black. It's a work of art".

Ocean's 8 also stars Cate Blanchett, Rihanna, Mindy Kaling, Sarah Paulson, Helena Bonham Carter, and Awkwafina.

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