Rosie O'Donnell Has 'Reconnected' With Pregnant Estranged Daughter Chelsea
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When asked whether or not her daughter is pregnant, the comedienne confirms the news before adding, 'We have reconnected.'

AceShowbiz - Rosie O'Donnell has reconnected with her estranged daughter Chelsea after the 20-year-old announced she was pregnant.

The pregnancy was confirmed by Chelsea O'Donnell's boyfriend Jacob Bourassa when he shared photos of his pregnant girlfriend and their baby's sonogram on Facebook on Friday, June 08.

"Loves of my life can't wait to meet my little one," he wrote alongside the sweet images.

Rosie, who adopted Chelsea as a baby with her then-wife Kelli Carpenter-O'Donnell, has had a strained relationship with her daughter for years.

In 2015, the then-17-year-old went missing after reportedly being kicked out of Rosie's home. She was later found safe and sound with her then-boyfriend.

On Saturday, June 09, Rosie told People that she had been in touch with her estranged daughter since news broke she was going to be a mother.

"Yes, she is pregnant," the 56-year-old said through her rep. "We have reconnected."

Following Jacob's announcement that Chelsea was pregnant on Friday, her biological mother, Deanna Micoley, congratulated her daughter on the Facebook post. "I'm so very proud of you! You are absolutely beautiful! You will be a great mommy!" she commented.

Back in September, Chelsea revealed she was expecting a child with her husband, Nick Alliegro. She told the MailOnline at the time that Rosie would not be a part of her baby's life.

"Rosie will not be in my child's life," she insisted. "And no, I do not feel sad about that to be honest."

Speaking about her strained relationship with her adopted mother, Chelsea added: "The last time we got into an argument, we ended up screaming at each other and I left the room. Growing up, I never really got along with her and then once she kicked me out, I was just kind of done."

Chelsea and husband Nick have since split, and her pregnancy from that time did not result in her having a baby.

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