Anthony Mackie Vomited During Action Scene in 'Captain America: The Winter Soldier'
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The Falcon depicter reveals the action scene was too much for him to handle, saying that he has since enlisted a stuntman.

AceShowbiz - Actor Anthony Mackie has started to enlist the help of a stuntman after vomiting during an action scene in "Captain America: The Winter Soldier". The star plays superhero Falcon in the Marvel movies, and in one pivotal scene in the 2014 blockbuster, his character had to save co-star Chris Evans's Captain America after he falls from a Helicarrier.

Mackie tried to perform the stunt atop a construction crane himself, but his stomach couldn't handle it. "My first time (doing a flying stunt)... I have to go into a nosedive, grab him (Evans), invert, and come back up," he told morning show "Live! with Kelly and Ryan". "So in order to shoot that, they do a blue screen, take a construction crane, and they put it like five storeys in the air. They come to me and they're like, 'Anthony, this is what we're gonna do: put you in a harness, pick you (up from) your hips, pull you up five storeys, we want you to do a back flip, and were gonna drop you, and stop you right before the camera'. I'm like, 'What's the worst that can happen?' "

"So I go up and I'm getting nervous and I'm like, 'Anthony calm down,' " he recalled. "I flip around and literally as soon as I get upside down, they let me go and I'm (yelling). They stop me about five feet over the camera and I (vomit) all over the camera. That's when I got (my stuntman.)"

Mackie now relies on stuntman Aaron Toney to pull off action sequences for the superhero films, and they teamed up for the new "Avengers: Infinity War".

"There's a brother named Aaron Toney, who's like a Bruce Lee, martial arts, Brazilian capoeira expert, and he does this thing where he puts on a rope and he flips and they (filmmakers) let him go, and he lands," Mackie recently told breakfast show "Good Morning America". "Now, when they say, 'Cut!' and pull him out, I come in with the goggles and say, 'Yes (as if I pulled off the stunt)!' "

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