Amber Rose Says She's 'Frustrated' With #MeToo Movement - Find Out Why

During her recent appearance on 'The Raw Word', the 34-year-old buxom model also talked about pay gap between African-American actresses and white actresses.

AceShowbiz - %cAmber Rose% apparently has something controversial to say about the #MeToo Movement.The 34-year-old stunner recently appeared on "The Raw Word" and expressed her frustration over the movement to %cMichael Eric Dyson% and %cClaudia Jordan%, who organized the annual SlutWalk.

"It's kind of frustating to me because all of a sudden, feminism became such a mainstream thing now that white -- no shade -- white, rich actresses start coming out saying, 'Me too, me too,' " the model/actress said. "But, what happened to all of us? What happened to the strippers, the LGBTQ community and the black girls in college? Nobody wanted to talk about these people."

It seemed like Amber discounted several people of color who took part in the #MeToo movement and came forward with their story of sexual harassment they face while working in the industry. Among them were %cTerry Crews%, %cLupita Nyong'o% and %cGabrielle Union%.

During her appearance, Amber also talked about pay gap between African-American actresses and white actresses. "Going past, black women don't even make half as much as white women in movies," she said. "I really feel like it's gonna take, unfortunately, a white actress to come out and say, 'Hey, black women need to make as much as we do in movies,' for it to be actually a change."

Besides the controversial remarks, Amber is making headlines for breakup rumors between her and boyfriend %c21 Savage%. The pair sparked split speculations after they unfollowed each other on Instagram. Moreover, they wiped all pictures of each other on the social media platform.

However, she quickly shut down the rumors, assuring everyone that they are still dating. "We're still together, I just unfollowed over 100 people though," she told The Shade Room. She explained, "His unfollow was on accident-It's back up now."

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