Joy Behar and Meghan McCain Get Into Heated Screaming Match on 'The View'

The two co-hosts begin to butt heads when topic about domestic violence accusations against former White House aide Rob Porter is brought into the discussion.

AceShowbiz - Joy Behar and Meghan McCain appear not to be seeing eye to eye in Friday, February 9 episode of "The View". During a "Hot Topics" conversation, they brought up the topic about domestic violence accusations against White House aide Rob Porter which later led to him resigning. It didn't take a long time for the discussion to escalate to be a screaming match between liberal Behar and conservative McCain.

Behar first mocked chief of staff John Kelly, who said that he knew about Porter's part. "Why is Kelly so shocked--shocked, I tell you--all of sudden?" she asked. That didn't sit well with McCain as she responded, "We shouldn't make levy of this. We're talking the abuse of a woman. I mean--look at that photo! We should not be laughing."

While looking visibly angry, Behar pointed a finger at McCain and yelled, "We're talking about Kelly! We're talking about Kelly! We are not talking about abuse right now. Do not say something like that!"

"We are laughing and making levy at a serious," McCain said, before Behan interrupted her and insisted, "We are laughing at him being shocked."

Meghan didn't stay still, saying, "It is very serious, and as a Republican, I am offended," to which Behar responded by yelling, "As a Democrat, I am offended by Republicans."

Fellow host Sunny Hostin later interrupted, trying to bring back the peace at the table. "Look, ladies--let's talk about the issue at hand," she said. "It's so fun," McCain said while rolling her eyes.

They continued their discussion and at one point, they talked about Donald Trump. "Well, you're offended by Republicans, so all Republicans, probably, and everywhere … [you're] offended by me sitting here, because I'm a Republican!" McCain shouted to Behar. "I'm offended by a party that backs a racist!" Behar snapped back. "Oh, come on. Oh, come on, Meghan! Seventy-two percent of the Republican Party thinks [Donald Trump is] a good role model."

"I'm going on 'The Van Jones Show' on Saturday and I was actually looking forward to talking about this in a way that is respectful and not being told that just because I'm a Republican I'm offending you," McCain said. "We're not going to move the needle one way or the other just throwing out platitudes and hubris like that. I would like to have a real conversation about it."

"I don't know why you're sitting here saying you're offended by all Republicans. I'm trying to give you my perspective--," McCain continued, before Behar cut her off once again and said, "Because 72 percent of them are backing a racist and somebody who has abused women. That's why. That's why!"

McCain later mention her father, Senator John McCain, as she asked Behar, "Do you know that my father was accused of being racist, and Mitt Romney was accused of being racist, and Jeb Bush was accused?" Joy furiously replied, "Your father is not in the Republican Party of today, darling! Those people are not in today's Republican party."

"Well, I look forward to having this conversation with Van on Saturday," Meghan said. "Good," Behar snapped back.

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