Suzy Slammed by Reporters for Unprofessionalism at Her Showcase

The 'While You Were Sleeping' star is criticized for failing to give answers to difficult questions during the showcase.

AceShowbiz - Suzy held a showcase for her second solo mini album "Faces of Love" at YES24 Live Hall in Seoul on Monday, January 29. While she was supposed to be promoting her new music, it was inevitable that the press asked hard questions about Miss A's disbandment and her breakup with actor Lee Min Ho since it was the idol's first solo comeback since those hot events.

Given her 9 years of experience in the industry, many expected Suzy to be well prepared to answer such questions. But reporters who attended the showcase were left disappointed and complained about her lack of professionalism as the 23-year-old star failed to answer those questions. Suzy reportedly gave irrelevant answer to the reporters' questions.

For example, when asked about Miss A's disbandment, she vaguely said, "It's a new challenge to me so I've prepared hard." She couldn't even give explanations of her own album. When asked about the love she wanted to portray in "Faces of Love", the singer/actress said, "Love at 25 means..." After a long pause, she stated, "Sorry," and failed to give any response at all.

Seemingly realizing that she didn't give satisfying responses, Suzy said before ending the showcase, "I apologize for not giving satisfying answers."

This prompted the press to write headlines such as "Suzy, the press will not bite or harm you" and "Was love too difficult for 25-year-old Suzy... An embarrassing comeback show."

Some internet users also slammed her unprofessionalism. "She needs to read some books and practice her speech," "Just a pretty face with no knowledge...," and "Her award speeches are also troublesome," read some of the comments.

Suzy released her second solo album "Faces of Love" on January 29. It was preceded by the release of first track "I'm in Love with Someone Else" off the album on January 22. She has also debuted "Holiday", another track off the album, along with its music video.

"In this album, I tried to convey love a bit deeper. I sang love songs since the past, but I think the feelings are deepening as I age," she said of the album. Of promoting as a singer and an actress at the same time, she said, "While acting and singing at the same time, I want to do well in both instead of leaning towards one."

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