Why Cyclops Should Be the Leader of the Next 'X-Men' Franchise

Although Cyclops was an original member of 'X-Men' team introduced in the 1963 comic, the character has never been able to break free of a supporting role in the movies.

AceShowbiz - The X-Men are in desperate need of a new leader following "X-Men: Apocalypse. Fans think Cyclops should stand up and be the leader for the next "X-Men" franchise as he has never been able to break free of a supporting role in the movies.

Scott Summers a.k.a. Cyclops was an original member of the X-Men team introduced in the pages of Marvel's comics in 1963. Cyclops helped establish the mutant version of "The Avengers" and blazed a trail that would lead to the nine "X-Men" movies.

But Cyclops only got a supporting role in the movies, which have dedicated their respective spotlights to opposing characters like Wolverine, notably played by %cHugh Jackman%, in the original trilogy as well as Charles Xavier, Erik, and Raven in the "First Class" trilogy.

In the original "X-Men" trilogy, Bryan Singer set up a bit of an odd-couple love triangle between Cyclops, Wolverine and %cFamke Janssen%'s Jean Grey. However, Wolverine was so popular that Cyclops was relegated to cameo status in "X-Men 2" and "X-Men: The Last Stand".

In "X-Men: Apocalypse", a new team of mutants including Azazel (%cJason Flemyng%), Havok (%cLucas Till%), Banshee (%cCaleb Landry Jones%) and Angel Salvadore (%cZoe Kravitz%) were introduced. Both Cyclops and Jean (%cSophie Turner%) are still figuring out how to use their powers in the latest film, but it might be his turn to lead the franchise.

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