'Castle' Series Finale: How Does Castle and Beckett's Love Story End?

Nathan Fillion takes to Twitter to thank fans after the series finale which was reportedly filmed with two different endings.

AceShowbiz - "Castle" bid farewell to fans after eight seasons on Monday night, May 16. A preview for the series finale teased Beckett's potential death, but did she survive at the end of the swan song? Here's a quick recap of the episode that contains spoilers.

[SPOILER ALERT!] The episode began with Castle and Beckett continuing their investigation to take down LokSat. They followed the leads that would take them to Loksat's personal accountant, but they could already suspect that it could be a trap.

While waiting in a parking lot, they learned that Caleb Brown who had been helping them was now dead. Men in two SUVs opened fire and it appeared that they were on a dead end until Castle's friend Mason came with a Korean barbecue taco truck and they jumped into the truck.

They headed back to the precinct to let Ryan and Esposito be involved in her hunt for Loksat. They separated to take care of their business and promised to meet at his office. Castle couldn't wait any longer and decided to go to the station, but on his way he was kidnapped by a driver of a cab he took.

The kidnapper named Mr. Flynn hooked Castle up with an IV of truth serum. He asked Castle a lot of things about her personal life, but what he and his boss LokSat, who's none other than the man who saved Castle and Beckett with a truck earlier, really cared about was who else knew about his existence. Flynn then gave Castle another IV bag of death serum, but Ryan and Espo showed up just in time to save Castle.

Mason, meanwhile, lured Beckett into meeting him by claiming that he knew a guy who's in deep with corrupt cells of the CIA. Beckett apparently realized who Mason really was, but Mason managed to take her to his place. Mason was about to kill Beckett when Castle arrived, after forcing Flynn to tell him the location. Castle distracted Mason and Beckett took him down.

They went back to their apartment, but Caleb showed up. He's apparently not dead and shot Castle in the chest. Beckett and Caleb shot each other at the same time. She and Castle were on the floor and looked like they were dying, holding hands as the camera panned away.

The scene then jumped to seven years later to show Castle and Beckett pretty much alive. They had three kids as the show echoed their wedding vows.

The ending drew mixed responses from viewers, with some of them noticing that the ending seemed to be rushed after ABC decided not to order a ninth season. Other, however, were pleased that the series concluded with a happy ending.

Following the series finale, %cNathan Fillion% took to Twitter to thank fans for their support. "Well. That's it. Thank you, everyone. What an incredible journey. (Mic drop) Castle out," he wrote. He also responded to some fans' complaints for live tweeting the episode. "But what are they going to do? Fire me?" he joked.

Alexi Hawley and Terence Paul Winter also wrote a letter to fans. "While we're still trying to process all the emotions stirred up by recent events, the feeling that stands head and shoulders above all else, is gratitude," they wrote.

"Eight seasons. A hundred and seventy three episodes. None of it would have been possible without you - our loyal and passionate fans. You are the reason this show survived and thrived. Without you carving out 'Castle Mondays' every week, we would never have been able to make the show we love for as long as we did. So thank you."

They added, "And thanks to Andrew Marlowe for creating such a delightful world, centered around a love story for the ages. It was an honor and privilege to shepherd the story of Castle and Beckett this season. And finally, thank you to our cast and crew, who have been our family for these last eight years. Who elevated every script by investing the best of themselves into each episode. We will miss you profoundly."

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