'The Good Wife' Creators Address the 'Unsettling' Ending, Talk About Possible Spin-Off

Robert King admits 'there has been talk about a spin-off' as he and Michelle would love to write more stories about Elsbeth Tascioni, Patti Nyholm and Kurt McVeigh.

AceShowbiz - "The Good Wife" wrapped up with its last episode which aired on Sunday, May 8, but that may not be the end of the story for several characters. In an interview with Deadline after the series finale, series creators Robert and Michelle King talk about the possibility of a spin-off.

"There has been talk about a spin-off," Robert says, adding, "I'm not even sure where the process would be, but we love these characters, and if anyone made a deal with us today, we would be bringing every single one back. Elsbeth Tascioni (%cCarrie Preston%), Patti Nyholm (%cMartha Plimpton%), Kurt McVeigh (%cGary Cole%), they are so much fun, we would do it in a heartbeat."

Michelle, however, claims that the possible spin-off is not in the works yet. "At this point, it's just the morning after the finale," she says.

Talking about the ending that left some questions unanswered, Robert realizes "there is either a big, big controversy or big split" as reactions to the finale. "I'm guessing that some people wanted some more definition with regards to who Alicia ends up with, and that would be Jason, and there is probably some concern about not ending in a way that puts Alicia in a happy place," he says.

While they didn't film an alternative ending, Robert shares several alternative ideas that they rejected for the ending. "The biggest argument was probably about (Alicia) chasing a guy to the airport, stopping him from leaving, a version of the romantic comedy ending. There are variations, like in Manhattan, you chase the person down and there is still the sense that it may not happen now but may happen in the future. We all had a big talk about that," he reveals.

But at the end of the day, they chose an ending that would "matter." Robert explains, "Those are endings that may be satisfactory for the moment, put a smile on your face. They might send you to bed happy but they would really make it a bit forgettable and we worried that whatever the ending would be, it should matter. That's why we all leaned toward this choice."

In a goodbye letter to CBS, the writing duo also explain their decision to end the show with a slap. "The ending is supposed to be unsettling," they write, "But we don't think characters need to avoid tragedy to be embraced. We were tempted to have Alicia chase after a man in the end-stop him from getting on a train or an airplane at the last minute, hold him, kiss him. We like those endings. But there was something false about it here. It isn't who Alicia is. In the end, the story of Alicia isn't about who she'll be with; it's about who she'll be."

And for those who can't get enough of the legal drama series, here are some photos from behind the scenes of the last episode filming.

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