Watch Amy Schumer Tackle Gun Control Issue With a Touch of Humor and Sarcasm

The comedienne, who is an advocate for stricter gun control laws, takes to her show 'Inside Amy Schumer' to point out how easy it is to buy a gun in this country.

AceShowbiz - %cAmy Schumer% brought gun control issue to her Comedy Central show. In the Thursday, April 28 episode of "Inside Amy Schumer", the comedienne appeared in a sketch with %cKyle Dunnigan% as the hosts of home shopping network where they pitched a handgun as a "no-brainer" gift.

"Here is what's great about this. Almost anyone can purchase this," she said. When an ex-felon and a suspected terrorist called to ask if they could purchase it, Amy and Kyle assured them that they, too, could purchase a gun and wouldn't need to answer many questions about themselves.

When an alarm went off, the hosts excitedly announced that it meant there had been a mass shooting. "Which means the government could be coming for your guns soon, which they never have, but always might," Amy said, without a slight hint of concern. Kyle then accidentally dropped the gun and shot his own foot.

Amy has become an outspoken advocate for tougher gun control laws following a mass shooting at the screening of her movie "Trainwreck" in July 2015. "In the wake of the shooting at the 'Trainwreck' screening, Amy met with the victims' families and felt that it was an issue that was important to her," "Inside Amy Schumer" executive producer Dan Powell explained to The Hollywood Reporter. "Amy wrote the sketch, and I think it hits points that we haven't seen before in a really funny and unique way."

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