Sony Confirms 'Charlie's Angels' Reboot and Reveals Title for 'Underworld 5'

The movie about three badass chicks is confirmed to get an overhaul and the next 'Underworld' flick is subtitled 'Blood Wars'.

AceShowbiz - More news comes from Sony's recent panel at the CinemaCon in Las Vegas. The studio has confirmed their plan for "Charlie's Angels" remake which is expected to be directed by %cElizabeth Banks%. They announced "Underworld: Blood Wars" as well.

During the convention attended by theater owners, Sony also dished on what to expect from the upcoming Emoji movie, revealing it would take place in the world inside smartphone. They opened up that the third Smurf film was going to be called "Smurf: The Lost Village".

"Hotel Transylvania" was confirmed to get a threequel. Previously it was revealed that the Spider-Man reboot starring %cTom Holland% as a new Peter Parker was titled "Spider-Man: Homecoming" and a "21 Jump Street" / "Men in Black" crossover was officially dubbed "MIB 23".

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