Amy Adams Wants to Join Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Schumer's Girl Squad

The Lois Lane of 'Man of Steel' is waiting for the invitation to join JLaw's next boating party with Amy Schumer.

AceShowbiz - %cAmy Adams% would love to join %cJennifer Lawrence% and %cAmy Schumer% on their next boat party. "I'm waiting for Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Schumer to invite me to their party!" the actress told The Hollywood Reporter in a new interview.

"So, I hope I was funny today so they will invite me to their next boating party!" she continued. "I'm a little more neurotic than both of them, but I think that would be - they need a little of that, and they're both so cool and I could be the 'not-cool' person."

Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Schumer became fast friends after they went jet skiing together in Hamptons earlier this year. The duo also wrote a comedy together and is expected to play sisters in the upcoming movie.

On top of that, the two friends made headlines for their discussion about feminism. Lawrence recently addressed gender wage gap issues in an essay while Schumer talked about Hollywood sexism in her HBO special and became one of the honorees at Elle Magazine's annual Women in Hollywood awards.

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