Mark Ruffalo on the New Hulk: It's Awesome

The Hulk depicter thought that the new version of the green giant, which will be featured in 'Totally Awesome Hulk', was great.

AceShowbiz - %cMark Ruffalo% recently shared his thought about the brand-new Hulk in All-New, All-Different Marvel Comics. "Awesome indeed! @Marvel reveals Amadeus Cho as 'Totally Awesome Hulk,' " Ruffalo wrote along with a link to Marvel's announcement about the new initiative.

The new version of Hulk is featured in new comic books entitled "Totally Awesome Hulk" that will hit stores in December. Instead of Bruce Banner, it is a young American-Korean genius named Amadeus Cho who transforms himself into the gigantic green creature.

Marvel's editor-in-chief Axel Alonso revealed several reasons why Cho was choosen to be the new Hulk. "One of them is that physically, he's like Banner: he's the 98-pound weakling who's had everything but the physical aspect to make him seem super cool. And secondarily is that he's so different from Banner. He shares the monstrous intellect but he's so different - he's a teenage kid, who's hasn't lived much yet," Alonso said.

Transforming Cho into Hulk will mark the first time in Marvel history that the company will have a Korean-American lead character created by a Korean-American creative team (Greg Pak and Frank Cho).

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