Diane Keaton Has a Crush on Channing Tatum

The Oscar winner admits in an interview with Ellen DeGeneres that her dream husband is the 'Magic Mike XXL' star.

AceShowbiz - %cDiane Keaton% publicly declared that her dream husband is %cChanning Tatum% during an interview on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show". The Oscar winner was smiling ear-to-ear while saying it, indicating how she felt about the 35-year-old actor.

Before mentioning the "Jupiter Ascending" star's name, Diane said, "I've never been married." She continued, "So, the fact that somebody could live for 40 years with someone and be devoted to that person is something that moves me and I'm profoundly affected by it."

%cEllen DeGeneres% cut her to tell her that it's never too late for love and marriage. "It's not too late! It's not too late!" she said. The actress and author was bewildered, "Oh, me? Who's gonna... Wait."

Then she jokingly spit out a name, "Oh, Channing Tatum?" which was responded with laugh by the audience. She insisted that it would be okay though Ellen reminded her that he's married.

She went on saying, "Channing Tatum is actually married to someone else - not me." When the host asked, "Do you wanna get married?", she insisted saying "to Channing Tatum," though she knew that the hunk is taken.

Diane stopped by the talk show to promote her new film "5 Flights Up", which is set for a release on May 8 in the States.

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