Princeton Students Launch Petition to Ban Big Sean's Performance

Two students are trying to stop the rapper from performing at an upcoming concert at the campus, deeming his songs' lyrics 'both misogynistic and homophobic.'

AceShowbiz - Students at Princeton University aren't happy to have %cBig Sean% as a performer for an upcoming concert at the campus. Two students have started a petition to ban the rapper from the show, alleging that he promotes "rape culture and misogyny" with his lyrics.

Duncan Hosie, one of the two students, explained to Daily Princetonian that he researched Sean's lyrics after watching a promotional video for the concert called Lawnparties. He later joined forces with the other student Rebecca Basaldua to launch the petition, which has so far garnered 500 signatures.

"After I saw that video, I started researching Big Sean's language and I found language that was both misogynistic and homophobic," Hosie said. "We wrote an op-ed piece that we published on Google Docs and wanted to see the number of supporters. Right now, close to 500 people have signed."

"I'm sure every singer has a questionable song, but there are a significant amount of his songs that deal with this and I think there are a lot of other artists in the same genre even that would have been a better choice," Basaldua added.

Other students who supported the ban then posted fliers across the campus with a line from Sean's "A$$" remix featuring %cNicki Minaj%. "If she look good, she pay me in sex," read the fliers. The students added, "Want to take this down? Take down Big Sean."

The Lawnparties is scheduled to take place on May 3. For now, Sean is still listed as a performer for the event, because according to Social committee chair Simon Wu, "the contracts are signed and it's unrealistic to stop this from happening."

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