Omarion Trivia
  1. Was in a Pops cereal commercial.

  2. Has a tatoo on his upper back.

  3. Favorite actor is Robin Williams.

  4. His favorite movie is "Braveheart" (1995).

  5. His favorite sports are Football and Basketball, and is a fan of Lakers.

  6. His favorite food is Jambalaya.

  7. Good friends with Bow Wow.

  8. His album "O" (2005) went Gold.

  9. Filmed the movies "Soldier" and "You Got Served 2" with singer/actor Marques Houston and director/manager Chris Stokes in their production company, The Franchise Boys.

  10. Was featured in Bow Wow's song "Let Me Hold You."

  11. Along with his brother Marques Houston and their manager Chris Stokes, he formed a production company called Franchise Boys.

  12. Is a cousin of Jarrell "J-Boog" Houston, one of B2K group members.

  13. Former lead singer of the musical quartet B2K and was the oldest among the band's members.

  14. Some people call him "King O" or "O."

  15. Is of African-American descent.