July 20, 2017  

Ireland Baldwin Accidentally Exposes Nipple in Bikini

April 18, 2017 (6:47 am) GMT
The 21-year-old model suffers a major nip-slip after sunbathing with her cousin as her bikini top fails to contain her chest.
Ireland Baldwin Accidentally Exposes Nipple in Bikini

experienced yet another wardrobe malfunction on April 15 when she went to the beach to sunbathe with her cousin, Alaia Baldwin. While revealing her amazing figure is nothing new for the daughter of and , the recent nip-slip was certainly embarrassing for her as she just suffered from another nip-slip last March.

Ireland went to the beach with her brunette cousin to enjoy the sunshine last weekend. The two lounged on the sand while soaking up the sun and taking photos of each other. In some photos obtained by Daily Mail, the "" actress crouched down as she snapped a photo of Alaia who was lying down on a beach towel. In return, she took a photo of Ireland flaunting her body in a skimpy black bikini. After their little photo session, the two admired the photos they took, laughing and giggling at some photos.

finally 🌞

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Ireland took to Instagram to post all photos captured that day, including the photo of her gorgeous body. In the photo, Ireland stood up with her back facing the camera, showing off her perky bottoms. She had her arms up, revealing her tattoos. She captioned her photo, "Finally." In another photo, she was posing with Alaia, lying on top of a watermelon balloon. Her brunette pal sat between her legs, smiling to the camera as Ireland shielded her face from the sun. "Always stealing my thunder," Ireland wrote in the caption.

always stealing my thunder ⚡️

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Ireland recently did a steamy beach photoshoot, in which she went completely naked. She also talked about the importance of embracing all body types in an interview with E! News. "I think it's such an important change that's finally happening and we're finally starting to recognize that beauty isn't, you know, a specific body type. It's just so many different body types and different looks," she said. "I think it's amazing."


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