May 24, 2017  

Meek Mill Is Furious Over Nicki Minaj's Diss Track, Plans to Recruit Remy Ma on Clap-Back Song

March 11, 2017 (4:05 am) GMT
The 'All Eyes on You' hitmaker 'hates himself' for ever being with the Young Money queen and is reportedly 'ready to verbally spar with Nicki.'
Meek Mill Is Furious Over Nicki Minaj's Diss Track, Plans to Recruit Remy Ma on Clap-Back Song

hasn't only surprised her fans when she released a new song titled "Regret in Your Tears", which is seemingly about her past relationship with . The Philadelphia rapper is now reportedly not happy about the song and has been planning to make a clap-back track.

"He's pissed and has basically called Nicki every name in the book behind closed doors," a source tells, before adding that he hates himself for ever being with her. "Meek's ready to verbally spar with Nicki," the source continues. He's allegedly been thinking of collaborating with on his upcoming Nicki diss track.

Another source reports that Meek even thinks Nicki still has feelings for him. "Meek's hella cocky and thinks Nicki 100-percent loves him still and proved it with 'Regret In Your Tears'," the source tells the webloid. "Meek knows she spent a grip of time in the studio, thinking about him, trying to come up with words to express her frustration and all, except for the 'I don't chase em I replace em' hook that she stole from BIG."

In addition to "Regret in Your Tears", Nicki released two more brand new tracks including "No Frauds" featuring and , in response to Remy's diss tracks. Instead of being threatened by the track, the Bronx femcee "feels sorry" for the "Anaconda" hitmaker. "Remy's laughing at Nicki's so-called response to 'ShETHER'. If that's the best Nicki can do, then Remy feels sorry for her," a source tells the webloid.

The source goes on claiming that Remy thinks "Nicki's track and vocals were weak AF and didn't even come scratching Remy's face." The "All the Way Up" rapper reportedly "has other things to focus on and couldn't care less what Nicki has to say."

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