The Bachelor Episode 16.03 Episode 1603
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The Bachelor Episode 16.03 Episode 1603

Episode Premiere
Jan 16, 2012
Reality, Romance
Production Company
Next Entertainment, Warner Horizon Television
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Episode Premiere
Jan 16, 2012
Reality, Romance
2002 - now
Production Co
Next Entertainment, Warner Horizon Television
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Ben and ladies are off to San Francisco. They're not the only ones. A mystery visitor is coming to town that will leave everyone in a state of shock.

A San Francisco Treat

Ben gets to spend some quality time with his sister, Julia, who lives in San Francisco. They chat about ladies who have made an early impact. Ben mentions Lindzi's arrival on horseback. He talks about how Kacie B did some baton twirling on their date, just like their mom used to do. Ben thinks his sis would get along well with Courtney. Emily is smart and Jennifer may be the best kisser so far.

A Bridge Too Far Up

Emily scores the first one-on-one date which involves a climb to the top of the Bay Bridge. Too bad she's afraid of heights. Emily has a panic attack once the incline starts to get steep. Ben helps her find the courage to press on with a kiss. They reach the top to conquer their fears.

A romantic outdoor dinner has Emily tell the tale of how she was once matched with her older brother when she tried online dating. Ben also shares tidbits about his past relationships. Later, Ben gives Em a rose. The two of them share champagne and kisses as fireworks fill the sky.

Snow Way!

Blakeley, Jaclyn, Kacie B, Erika, Casey S, Samantha, Jamie, Monica, Rachel, Nicki and Elyse are picked to go on the group date for a skiing adventure. The ladies are confused because there are no ski mountains in San Francisco. Or is there?

An entire San Francisco street is covered with snow, but there's no need to bundle up. In fact, a lot of the ladies strip down to bikinis. Kacie B has a rough time on the slopes, but has a strong finish by butt-skiing backwards. Later, Ben shares a first kiss with Rachel followed by a hand-in-hand walk with Kacie B and more kissing. But at the end of the date, Rachel is the one who gets the rose.

Leaving Early

Brittney gets picked for the second one-on-one date. She promised herself that she'd leave if her heart isn't in things. So, Brittney packs her bags. She breaks the news to Ben. Brittney doesn't want him to waste a one-on-one date on her when he could use it on someone who could be his true love. This latest curveball makes Ben realize that anyone can leave anytime.


Now that Brittney has left the building, Ben chooses Lindzi to take her place on a date. They explore San Fran at night on their own private trolley car. They cruise through Chinatown and end up at City Hall where they are treated to a private concert by Matt Nathanson. There's dancing, laughing and kissing.

Ben and Lindzi visit an old-fashioned speakeasy. She tells him all about being dumped via text message. Ben lets Lindzi know that not only did she make a good first impression, but she's making a lasting one, too. That's why he gives her a rose. They end their date with a little piano number. Lindzi feels like Ben is sweeping her off her feet. Not bad for a last minute date.

The Most Shocking Cocktail Party Ever!

Ben tells Jennifer that she is hands-down the best kisser in the house. He confirms this analysis with another secret smooch. Well, this one wasn't all that secret. Some of the other ladies catch a glimpse of their little lip-lock. Later, the ladies dish on their distaste for Courtney.

Then Ben and the women are hit with a shocker. A new lady has arrived. Her name is Shawntel. If you remember, she was one of the women who looked for love when Brad Womack was The Bachelor. That didn't work out, so here she is. The ladies are wondering why in the world this woman is crashing their party. All Shawntel is wondering is if she can have a rose.

The Rose Ceremony

Everyone is wondering if the ultimate party crasher, Shawntel, will be asked to stay. It's a tension-filled event that gets down to Erika, Jaclyn and Shawntel vying for the final rose of the evening. The ceremony is interrupted when Erika faints. She recovers long enough for Ben to make his decision on the final rose. It's one that he just can't give out. That means Erika, Jaclyn and Shawntel are headed out the door. The ladies who receive roses from Ben are:


Casey S



Emily (safe from her date)



Kacie B

Lindzi (safe from her date)



Rachel (safe from the group date)