Gracie Abrams and Taylor Swift's Voices Blend on New Collaboration 'us.'

The 'I Miss You, I'm Sorry' singer launches her second studio album titled 'The Secret of Us', which features her joint track with the 'All Too Well' hitmaker.

AceShowbiz - Gracie Abrams has unveiled her collaborative song with Taylor Swift. On the newly-released joint track titled "us.", it can be heard that the "I Miss You, I'm Sorry" singer and the "All Too Well" hitmaker's voices blend together.

As of Friday, June 21, the 24-year-old singer/songwriter's track that she created with the 34-year-old superstar is available on various music streaming platforms. On the 4-minute song, the two artists sing, "Do you miss us, us?/ I felt it, you held it, do you miss us, us?/ Wonder if you regret the secret of us, us/ Us (Us), us (Us), us (Us)."

Gracie and Taylor go on to rhyme, "I know you know/ It felt like somethin' old/ It felt like somethin' holy, like souls bleedin'/ So, it fеlt like what I've known/ You're twеnty-nine years old/ So how can you be cold when I open my home?"

"And if history's clear, the flames always end up in ashes," they continue. "And what seemed like fate, give it ten months and you'll be past it (You'll be past it)/ Babylon lovers hangin', missed calls on the line/ I gave you mine."

After launching the joint song, Gracie and Taylor were showered with praise by their fans. One of them marveled, "The bridge and their voices they just sound so good together." Similarly, another wrote, "The fact that gracie and taylor's voice blended so well like angels singing a lullaby." A third exclaimed, "AHHHHHHHHH THIS IS SO GOOD!!!! THE HARMONIES ARE INSANE."

"us." is featured in Gracie's second studio album titled "The Secret of Us", which she dropped that same day. Aside from the track, the record includes twelve other songs. One of them is "Felt Good About You", on which she sings, "I felt good about you 'til I didn't/ Crossed lines, past lives, clear vision/ Felt good about you, felt good about you."

"Felt good about you 'til I didn't," she adds. "Surefire trainwreck omission/ Felt good about you, felt good about you/ Got what you demanded, picture perfect like you planned it/ Can't believe the way we landed, fallin' through/ Held my breath for your reaction like the first time that we happened/ We were fightin' more than laughin', black and blue, mm."

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