Angelina Jolie Shows Off New Tattoo in Plunging Dress at 2024 Tony Awards Images/Janet Mayer

The Oscar-winning actress attends the ceremony in New York City with her daughter Vivienne and receives recognition for her role as co-producer in the Tony Award-winning musical.

AceShowbiz - On June 16, 2024, Angelina Jolie made a stunning appearance at the Tony Awards in New York City, debuting a tiny bird tattoo on her chest. The sparrow-like bird is in flight.

Jolie, who was nominated for her role as co-producer, joined her 15-year-old daughter Vivienne on the red carpet. Vivienne, who also serves as a producer assistant for "The Outsiders", was instrumental in encouraging her mother to become involved in the project.

As Jolie explained, "My daughter Viv loves theater... She went to see 'The Outsiders' at La Jolla about five times and was telling me about it. She asked me to come see it with her, and I thought it was just a... you know, how important it is to teenagers, how it was written by somebody who's the age of my daughter, right? So, really, as a mother, as a person, I was watching it, but I was really watching the effect it was having on my young daughter."

Vivienne's passion for "The Outsiders" inspired Jolie to take on a leading role in its production. The musical, based on S.E. Hinton's 1967 novel, tells the story of working-class greasers clashing with affluent Socs.

Jolie is not the only one who has been inspired by the musical. After attending the opening night of "The Outsiders" in April, Jolie unveiled a new tattoo that reads "Stay Gold", a phrase from the book and film. Co-book writer and score creator Justin Levine also got an identical tattoo.

In addition to her new ink, Jolie took home her first Tony Award for her involvement in "The Outsiders". During the ceremony, she thanked the author, S.E. Hinton, and shared the impact the play had on her daughter's life. "Susie Hinton wrote 'The Outsiders' 60 years ago and she has received accolades ever since. But she often says that she still gets overwhelmed when told that 'The Outsiders' changed someone's life...," she said in her speech. "Well Susie, I'm here to tell you that your story and its eternal message of love and family and staying gold has forever changed all of our lives."

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