Matthew Bomer Claims Sexual Orientation Prevented Him from Playing Superman
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The actor, known for his roles in films like 'White Collar' and 'The Normal Heart', alleges that his sexuality cost him the role of Superman in the early 2000s.

AceShowbiz - Matthew Bomer, the star of "Fellow Travelers", has revealed that he believes his sexual orientation prevented him from securing the lead role in the canceled film "Superman: Flyby".

In an interview with THR's "Awards Chatter" podcast, Bomer explained that he had auditioned extensively for the part and was considered the director's choice. However, he ultimately lost the role due to his being outed as gay.

"Yeah, that's my understanding," Bomer said. "That was a time in the industry when something like that could still really be weaponized against you."

Bomer added that he had signed a three-picture contract with the studio at one point. It is unclear why or how he was outed, but the actor maintains that his sexuality played a role in his being passed over for the role.

The "Superman: Flyby" project, which was also known as "Superman: Man of Steel", was one of several abandoned Superman films that were in development between "Superman IV: The Quest for Peace" and "Superman Returns".

Brett Ratner was initially hired to direct "Flyby", and Bomer was reportedly his preferred choice for the lead role. However, the studio reportedly wanted a bigger star, such as Brendan Fraser, which led Ratner to leave the project.

After Ratner's departure, filmmaker McG took over the project and reportedly cast Jared Padalecki, Jason Behr and Henry Cavill as possible candidates for the role of Superman. Ultimately, Cavill went on to play the hero in the 2013 film "Man of Steel."

Bomer has since played Superman in the 2013 direct-to-DVD animated film "Superman: Unbound".

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