Rapper Enchanting Died at 26 Following Critical Condition

The female rapper who used to make music under Gucci Mane's label has tragically passed away at the age of 26 after she was placed on life support in a hospital.

AceShowbiz - Enchanting, whose real name was Channing Nicole Larry, was known for her unique voice and impactful lyrics. She initially captured the public's attention with her 2018 mixtape "Love & Drugs" and solidified her place in the industry with her 2022 project "No Luv". Tracks like "Track & Field" and "What I Want" showcased her extraordinary talent and gained a dedicated fan base.

Reports surfaced on June 10 that Enchanting was on life support, followed by death rumor. Her sister, identified on Facebook as "Kay Jay," quickly denied it, emphasizing that Enchanting was still fighting for her life in the ICU. Another 1017 artist, K Shiday, expressed frustration on social media about the spread of false information, stating, "I need everyone to know that we are all praying and she is still with us."

Unfortunately, the hopes of her recovery were dashed later when close friend and fellow artist LilCJ Kasino confirmed the heartbreaking news, writing, "They Pulled The Plug Bro This S**t So F**ked Up I Just Knew You was Finna Pull Threw." He added, "You gone Forever Be Stop6 Princess & Kasino First Lady."

Enchanting's passing has left a void in the hearts of her fans and the music community. During her career, she made significant strides, including her signing with Gucci Mane's New 1017 label in 2020, and contributing to three compilation albums. She left the label earlier this year but remained a significant figure in the hip-hop scene.

"I'll see you later sister. Save me a spot baby! I love u 4L and after," said artist Monaleo in a poignant tribute.

Born in Germany to military parents and raised in Fort Worth, Texas, Enchanting had a musical journey marked by perseverance and passion. After high school, she worked in beauty before finding her calling in music, where she inspired many with her candid lyrical style, described as "Trap-n-Blues."

In addition to her rap career, Enchanting was active on social media platforms like OnlyFans and had a significant impact there, boasting over 25,000 likes. She also touched lives through her relatable music and commitment to her art, earning millions of views on YouTube and hundreds of thousands of monthly listeners on Spotify.

Enchanting's untimely death follows the recent tragedies surrounding some of her 1017 label mates, including the passing of Big Scarr and the incarceration of Pooh Shiesty, pointing to a troubling trend of young talent facing immense challenges.

As the music community continues to grapple with this devastating loss, the legacy of Channing Nicole Larry - Enchanting - will be celebrated through her music and the indelible mark she left on fans and fellow artists alike. Our heartfelt condolences go out to all who were touched by her life and artistry.

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