'Dancing for the Devil' Subject Miranda Derrick Receives Death Threats After Docuseries

The TikTok star claims in a new video that the three-part Netflix docuseries, which makes it look like she's in a cult, brings danger in her life as she continues to receive death threats.

AceShowbiz - Miranda Derrick breaks her silence following the release of "Dancing for the Devil". On Monday, June 10, the TikTok star claimed that the new Netflix docuseries, which made it look like she's in a cult, resulted in her receiving death threats.

"Hey guys, I know I normally don't make this kind of content but I just wanted to be transparent and a little vulnerable with you. But before this documentary, my husband and I, we felt safe," she said in the clip. "Now that this documentary is out, we feel like our lives have been put in danger."

Miranda said that she and her husband "have been both followed in our cars." She added, "We have received hate mail, death threats. People have been sending us messages to commit suicide. We've been stalked."

"Someone said that if I see you on the street, I'm gonna come and gut you so you better get security. Someone also said that 'If I see you walking on the sidewalk, I'm gonna come and shove you in the trunk of my car. So these are just some of the messages that I've been receiving behind the scenes," she continued. "And I honestly, I don't understand how my parents and my sister thought that this documentary would help me or would help our relationship in any way. I just don't understand."

She further divulged, "I have been getting together with my family for the past couple of years privately to work on our relationship, to make things right, to mend what has been broken. I've been loving it. I've been loving getting together, laughing and just enjoying each other's company."

Miranda noted that the documentary made things complicated in their relationship, adding that her parents and sister "have focused so much on this documentary that they've forgotten about working on any relationship with me. And that hurts."

Ending her video, the content creator told her followers that she's taking things slow as she's getting through a lot of things. "I see the light at the end of the tunnel and I'm going to get back to posting and dancing and doing what I just absolutely love. It just brings me so much joy, so I do want to get back to that. And I want to thank everyone who has been very supportive, for the kind messages, DMs, emails, they don't go unnoticed," she concluded.

"Dancing for the Devil: The 7M TikTok Cult" follows a group of TikTok dancers who believe they are involved in a talent management company called 7M. Premiered on May 29, the three-part series focuses on Miranda and her family who tried to get her out of the cult.

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