JoJo Siwa Hits Back at Troll Who Called Her Man During Foul-Mouthed, Boozy Set at L.A. Pride

In a night filled with electrifying performances and powerful messages of love and unity in Los Angeles, the former 'Dance Moms' star chugs from vodka bottle and drops plenty of F-bombs.

AceShowbiz - L.A. Pride in the Park saw a dazzling array of performances on Saturday night, June 8 at the Los Angeles State Historic Park, with JoJo Siwa and Ricky Martin among the highlights at the event. The celebration, which drew a diverse crowd, highlighted the spirit of unity and acceptance within the community.

JoJo Siwa, the former "Dance Moms" star, delivered a vibrant and colorful show that captivated the audience. Not one to shy away from controversy, Siwa ended her performance by taking a swig from a vodka bottle - though it remains unclear if it actually contained alcohol - and peppered her act with plenty of f-bombs.

During her performance, Siwa took a moment to address the crowd's energy, playfully scolding them for being quieter than a nearby child. "I have performed in front of six-year-olds louder than you," she exclaimed.

Pointing to a young fan near the front, she added, "In fact, there is a six-year-old right there - why the f*** are you here? I love it. I'm so here for it. You're awesome, dude. My point is don't let that superstar be louder than you guys. Lemme hear you make some f***ing noise."

She went on to explain why she loved performing live, "You guys aren't the d***s online," before sharing an anecdote about a disparaging comment she received on social media. "Some guy - I stalked his page, he was definitely straight…This guy commented, and this was a new comment for me. It said, 'This man needs to be stopped.' "

Emphasizing her resilience, Siwa quipped, "Number one, my d*** was bigger than his and number two, I f*** more girls than him."

Headliner Ricky Martin also delivered a high-energy performance, thrilling fans with his greatest hits and dynamic dance routines. "This is wonderful," he declared. "This is going to be one special night. I could feel it…It's a whole community from all walks of life together, joining forces, representing and letting the world know how beautiful it is to love the way we love and this is how we need to do it. We need to be always together and fight for each other. We're warriors. We're fighters. I know we are."

The event's lineup also included a variety of performers and notable appearances, including Lykke Li and Ariana Grande's brother, Frankie Grande.

L.A. Pride in the Park was a resounding success, showcasing incredible talent and sending a powerful message of love, acceptance, and unity. The vibrant performances and enthusiastic crowd created a memorable celebration of pride and community spirit.

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