Massiel Taveras Says the Cannes Female Security Guard Needs to Go to Church

In a new interview, the Dominican actress suggests that the female guard, who was also criticized for being rude to Kelly Rowland and K-Pop star Yoona, needs Jesus and has to read the Bible.

AceShowbiz - Massiel Taveras continues to slam the controversial security guard at the Cannes Film Festival. In a new interview, the Dominican actress suggested that the female guard whom she fought with at the event needed Jesus.

On Tuesday, June 4 in Los Angeles, Massiel was asked to recall what happened during the headlines-making incident. "Honestly, I was fighting so hard in my soul to just make them understand that it wasn't just about taking one photo, one picture with my amazing dress," Massiel explained to TMZ. "To give credit to my designer Yanina Azar and Jan Paz, which is an amazing artist from my country."

Massiel went on to say that she wanted to share the message of her dress but the security guards didn't allow her to do so. "I was trying to just do that when she grabbed me at the end. I don't know if you guys see that footage, we can't see her arm and she was like this and I tried to like push me in a way like, 'Oh no, wait a minute. That's not right, leave me alone,' " she continued.

"And then at the door, obviously, they said, 'You're not coming in.' I asked, 'Why? This is Jesus Christ's face?' I have an invitation for one year in advance," Massiel further divulged, noting that the security guards didn't let her in the main room. She also insisted that she stood her ground just like what Kelly Rowland did.

Of her dress that featured the face of Jesus Christ in its 15-foot train, Massiel noted, "They didn't want to see the face. If you see the video, she's like covering her face. She should go to church or read the Bible."

In a viral video, the TV host/designer could be seen trying to navigate her gown's long train while trying to ascend the stairs at Palais des Festivals at the 2024 Cannes Film Festival. However, the security guard rushed her up, prompting her to tell the security to back off.

Not having it, she shoved off the female security guard at the top of the stairs as the security continued to touch her and block her view with her arm. Upon catching wind of the drama, Internet users defended Massiel for her action and dubbed the security guard rude.

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