Yung Miami Admits She and JT Were 'in Two Different Spaces' Before Solo Careers

After a less-than-stellar reception of their latest album 'RAW', Yung Miami and JT from City Girls are channeling their energies into solo careers, learning valuable lessons along the way.

AceShowbiz - The world of hip-hop is never short of drama and evolution, and the City Girls are no exception. Yung Miami has recently shared her candid thoughts about embarking on a solo musical journey following a rumored split from her partner, JT. Both rappers have decided to pursue solo careers after their latest collaborative project, "RAW", didn't perform well on the charts, peaking only at 117 on the US Billboard 200 in October 2023.

In an exclusive interview with Complex, Yung Miami revealed, "I had to really get back in my bag. People had just been talking to me crazy...So just going through s**t really motivated me to get in the studio and make music." The lukewarm reception of RAW was a wakeup call, pushing both artists to reconsider their paths. Miami admitted, "The whole rollout of the album was just so bad because we were just in two different spaces."

While JT resides on the West Coast and focuses on her projects, Yung Miami continues to stay true to her hometown. "We older now, and she [JT] was doing her own thing. She on the West Coast, I'm in Miami. I'm doing my own thing," said Miami. Their divergent paths may have impacted their once-energetic dynamic as a duo, prompting them to delve into solo ventures. "When we get together as a group, it just wasn't connecting. It just wasn't working no more."

Despite their professional separation, the pair maintains a strong personal bond. Describing her relationship with JT as one of sisterhood, Miami insists, "That's my friend, of course, but that's more like family to me. I've been knowing JT my whole damn life, so that's not our first argument. It probably won't be our last argument."

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