Sophie Turner Opens Up on Feeling Like a Groupie While Married to Joe Jonas

The Sansa Stark of 'Game of Thrones' reflects on her time with the middle of the Jonas Brothers and her feelings about the public's perception of their relationship.

AceShowbiz - Sophie Turner, known to many as the iconic Sansa Stark from "Game of Thrones", recently opened up about her experiences dealing with public perception during her marriage to Joe Jonas. In an eye-opening interview with British Vogue, Sophie revealed her struggles with societal labels and the unexpected support she found in a fellow celebrity.

The 28-year-old actress shared that she felt uneasy being primarily seen as Jonas' wife. "There was a lot of attention on the three brothers, and the wives. Well, we were always called the wives, and I hated that," she expressed candidly. She described the feeling as being a "plus-one" rather than being recognized for her own achievements.

Sophie quickly clarified that this perception had nothing to do with Joe Jonas himself. "And that's nothing to do with him - in no way did he make me feel that - it was just that the perception of us was as the groupies in the band."

Sophie Turner split from Joe Jonas in 2023 after four years of marriage and two children together.

Amidst her time of personal upheaval, Sophie found solace in an unexpected friend - Joe's ex, Taylor Swift. "Taylor was an absolute hero to me this year," Sophie revealed. "I've never been more grateful to anyone than I am for her because she took my children and me, and provided us with a home and a safe space. She really has a heart of gold."

Joe's brothers Nick Jonas and Kevin Jonas are married to Priyanka Chopra and Danielle Jonas, respectively. Interestingly, Sophie isn't the only Jonas family member dealing with identity struggles. Danielle has also spoken out about feeling "less than" when compared to her famous sister-in-laws.

"I feel like I am torn," Danielle said, sharing her journey in finding her place amidst two high-profile women. "Finding like my place in it, because the two boys married somebody who, they're actresses, they're out there, everyone knows them. And I feel like I'm Danielle, you know, and it's hard."

These reflections highlight a broader issue that many women face when married to high-profile figures - the struggle to maintain their individuality and personal identity. Her candid discussion serves as a reminder of the importance of lifting each other up and recognizing each person's unique contributions regardless of their relationships.

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