Sabrina Carpenter Lights Up 'SNL' Season Finale with Electrifying Performance and Unexpected Skit

Sabrina Carpenter and Jake Gyllenhaal breathed new life into 'Saturday Night Live' Season 49 finale with a memorable mix of music and comedy that left fans eagerly anticipating the show's 50th anniversary season.

AceShowbiz - Sabrina Carpenter had a major pop star moment on "Saturday Night Live"! The 25-year-old "Emails I Can't Send" hitmaker was the musical guest for the popular late-night show's season finale, hosted by Jake Gyllenhaal on Saturday, May 18. During the episode, she belted out several hits and participated in a skit!

The night started strong with a Scooby-Doo-themed skit that featured Sabrina portraying Daphne. Her wide-eyed and earnest performance was well received, especially as the skit took a darker and unexpected twist. Jake Gyllenhaal, playing Fred, led the Mystery, Inc. gang into a haunted house investigation that soon erupted into chaos. As Fred's antics went too far, culminating in him waving a gun around, only Scooby could bring his rampage to an end.

When it was time for the musical portion of the evening, Sabrina kicked it off with her new single "Espresso." Joined by two dancers, she danced against a bar-themed set, bringing energy and flair to the stage. She then delivered a medley of "Feather" and "Nonsense." The latter song is known for its varied riffed outro during live performances. For "SNL", Sabrina showcased her cheeky sense of humor with a notably raunchy send-off.

"He is 30 Rock hard cause I said hi. My sense of humor is, but I am not dry. SNL I just came for the first time," she quipped, drawing laughs and applause from the live audience. This was a playful nod to her knack for adding unique, humorous twists to her performances.

Sabrina Carpenter's star turn on the SNL stage, combined with Jake Gyllenhaal's comedic prowess, left fans talking about the episode long after it aired. With Season 50 on the horizon, this finale set high expectations for what's next to come.

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