Christina Applegate Starved Herself While on 'Married With Children' Due to Anorexia
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In their latest podcast episode, Christina Applegate, along with Jamie-Lynn Sigler, opens up about eating disorders, body image issues and how those struggles have shaped them.

AceShowbiz - Christina Applegate and Jamie-Lynn Sigler recently opened up about their battles with eating disorders in their co-hosted podcast, "MeSsy". Applegate, now 52, recounted how her struggle with anorexia began in childhood after a neighbor called her fat. Her mom's obsession with weight led her to join Weight Watchers at 15, and she began to deprive herself of food.

"I would eat five almonds in a day. And if I had six, I would cry and I wouldn't want to leave the house," Applegate shared. She admitted this behavior persisted for years.

During her time on "Married With Children", Applegate wanted her character, Kelly Bundy, to look exceptionally thin, leading her to further restrict her diet. "I wanted my bones to be sticking out, so I didn't eat," she confessed. This behavior alarmed those on set as they noticed she barely ate.

Similarly, Jamie-Lynn Sigler faced her own challenges upon entering the entertainment industry. Cast as Meadow Soprano, she noticed her full figure in the pilot episode and began to obsess over her weight.

She developed exercise bulimia, compulsively exercising to counteract calorie intake. "Every notebook from my sophomore and junior years had little numbers in the corners, just calculating food and calories," Sigler revealed.

Both actresses detailed how these struggles have lingered. Applegate, now coping with multiple sclerosis (MS), shared how weight gain from her medication revived her body image issues. "That demon in my head is coming back really loud, and it's scaring me," she said.

Despite their continued fears and challenges, both Applegate and Sigler stressed the importance of discussing these issues openly. Sigler pointed out that no one talked to her about her eating disorder, leaving her to navigate it alone. Applegate echoed this sentiment, emphasizing the need to protect her daughter from similar issues.

As they continue their journey, Applegate and Sigler hope their stories will shed light on the importance of mental health and body positivity. For anyone struggling, resources are available through the National Eating Disorders Association at and other support networks.

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