Kelly Ripa Considers Ditching Blond Hair for Silver Fox Look

In a candid discussion on her show, Kelly Ripa reveals her constant struggle with hair dyeing and contemplates going gray, sparking a broader conversation on beauty and aging.

AceShowbiz - In an age where celebrity appearances are constantly scrutinized and every hair flip makes headlines, Kelly Ripa's recent revelations about her hair color journey resonate with many.

During a segment on "Live! With Kelly and Mark", Ripa opened up about the tedious process of maintaining her signature blonde locks, hinting at a possible shift to embracing her natural grays. At 53, Ripa candidly shared the relentless hours it takes to cover her gray hair, an endeavor that makes her ponder the inevitability and beauty of aging.

During the discussion between Ripa and her cohost (and husband) Mark Consuelos, his suggestion of "letting the gray happen" was met with Ripa's contemplation, leading to a reveal about her hair's almost "translucent" gray quality, which she finds neither silver nor pretty white, but rather "colorless."

Ripa humorously recalled painting her roots with brown eyeshadow during the pandemic to avoid showing her gray, aligning her stance with that of Cher - who famously declared that gray hair "is not for her."

Yet, this candid discussion goes beyond vanity. It touches upon the personal choices women make to align their external appearance with their internal identity or the expectations set by society.

In July 2023, after publicly debating her hair color, Ripa opted for a "bit more blonde" look, as celebrated on Instagram by her long-time hairstylist, Ryan Trygstad.

Ripa's conversation does more than highlight her hair dyeing ordeal; it taps into the broader dialogue about aging, beauty standards, and the pressure to conform to societal norms. For young people, witnessing such a public figure grapple with these issues provides a sense of camaraderie and opens up a space for deeper discussions about self-acceptance, personal choice, and the celebration of natural beauty, regardless of age or color.

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