Bethenny Frankel Pauses Podcast After Mother's Death and Amid Backlash

The former 'Real Housewives of New York City' star makes use of her social media to announce a pause in her 'Just B Divorced' podcast following the death of her mother.

AceShowbiz - In the wake of her mother's passing, Bethenny Frankel has decided to take a hiatus from her podcast. On Tuesday evening, Frankel shared an Instagram Story announcing the temporary removal of her podcast episodes and a halt in the series. The decision stems from an overwhelming response to recent episodes that delve into her divorce and personal life.

Frankel's statement acknowledges the convergence of her personal grief with the response she received to certain comments she made. Specifically, she had discussed feeling "relieved" when she miscarried a pregnancy with ex-husband Jason Hoppy and revealing that she had "forced" herself to engage in sexual intimacy with him before their relationship ended.

In light of the ensuing backlash and the emotional toll it has taken on her, Frankel has opted to pause the podcast. She emphasized that she recognizes the importance of these conversations but feels it's impossible for her to process both her divorce and her mother's passing simultaneously.

Frankel expressed gratitude for her followers' support and promised to continue the dialogue on divorce in the future. It remains unclear whether she will continue hosting her other podcasts, "Just B with Bethenny Frankel" and "Rants with Bethenny Frankel."

Bethenny Frankel's IG Story

Bethenny Frankel announced break of her podcast following her mom's passing.

Over the weekend, Frankel announced the death of her mother, Bernadette Birk, at the age of 73. Frankel described her mother as a complex individual who had struggled with addiction, eating disorders, and self-destructive tendencies. Despite their tumultuous relationship, Frankel said her mother loved her and she had cherished memories of her.

The combination of her mother's death and the backlash over her podcast comments has led Frankel to prioritize her mental health and take a step back from her content creation for now.

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