Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes Already Have 'The Marriage Talk'

The former 'Good Morning America 3' co-anchors, who made headlines when their romance broke in late 2022, reveal that moving in together was more of a priority for them right now while considering tying the knot.

AceShowbiz - It looks like Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes are ready to take their relationship to a whole new level. The former "Good Morning America 3" co-anchors revealed on their "Amy & T.J." podcast that they're already talking about getting married.

"We're still deciding about what that level of commitment is ... whether it's legal or not ... But mentally, emotionally, we've absolutely agreed to commit to one another," Amy explained in the Sunday, April 21 episode of the podcast. "We haven't figured [out] the marriage thing out yet."

T.J. then chimed in, "We haven't decided whether or not we are going to officially get married." Amy later added, "But we have, I have said this to you, and I believe you've said it to me as well that I want to be with you for the rest of my life, and I would like to live with you when the time comes... It doesn't have to be today or tomorrow or next year, but I would eventually like to live with you."

When Amy added that she wants a "life partner" in T.J., the 46-year-old asked his girlfriend, "What is a life partner short of a legal (sic) binding agreement? Can you have a life partner without that?" In response, the 51-year-old answered, "You can."

Amy went on to name-drop her favorite couple Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell as a great example. "I'm sure and I know it's not perfect. But I've always been in awe of the fact that every day they wake up and they choose to be together, there's no legal [sic] binding document that says they have to be together," she explained.

Amy described the idea of marriage as "a false security blanket." Still, it doesn't mean she rules out marrying T.J. "And that's not the way I want to have a relationship with you, but I still default to that in my head. Oh, I'm just admitting it, and I'm not saying it makes any sense," she shared.

While Amy and T.J. are happy together, in a twist that no one saw coming, their exes reportedly have found comfort in each other. Page Six reported in December 2023 that Andrew Shue and Marilee Fiebig "have been dating for about six months after bonding over the traumatic experience of being cheated on."

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