Nicki Minaj's 'FTCU (Sleeze Mix)' Feat. Travis Scott, Chris Brown, Sexyy Red Gets Mixed Comments

The 'Barbie World' raptress' newly-released collaborative track receives many responses from listeners, including ones who complain about Sexyy's verse on the remix.

AceShowbiz - Nicki Minaj has released the "FTCU" remix featuring a number of fellow artists. The "Barbie World" raptress' "FTCU (Sleeze Mix)", which she created with Travis Scott (II), Chris Brown and Sexyy Red, garnered mixed responses shortly after it was released.

On Friday, April 16, the collaborative song is available on various music streaming platforms. On the joint track, Nicki raps, "Uh, who wanna play with Nicki?/ Got the power, I could tell my n***as, 'Spray like 50'/ Distribute about a million dollars worth of brickies/ Told 'em to keep fifty, my cut nine-fifty, b***hy."

Travis joins in with his verse, "Is that that b***h I made rich last night?/ I think it was her (Ooh-ooh)/ Ski mask on, Oakleys on my eyes, I'm undercover (Ooh-ooh)/ I had to fly to Nice, she nice/ We back on that Monaco coast/ That b***h is gon' sound like a boat (Ooh-ooh)/ I'm paying a fee and a price/ That's my lil' freak, she bi (Ooh-ooh)."

Chris then spits, "I just f**ked on OF and I hope I don't get caught (Mm)/ I just f**ked an influencer, turned her to a thot (Thot)/ She just took a Tesla before she gave me top (Top)/ Her boyfriend is a heckler (Haha), he beggin' her to stop/ Big booty b***h, coochie is the juiciest (Juicy)/ She wear that jumbo Chanel like a crucifix/ She got on Van Cleefs and pearls like a bougee b***h (Ski-ski)."

Sexyy later chimes in, "Say he like my accent and he say he like my swag? Call me Mrs. Take Your N***a, I'll take your n***a fast/ Stiletto pumps on in the club, acting bad/ All the n***as choosing on me 'cause they know I got that a**/ S-E-X-the-Y (Brr)."

After the remix was dropped, it did not take long for social media users to voice their opinions on the track. One in particular complained, "I feel like sexy Redd wasn't needed on this but Chris and Travis ate down." Similarly, another penned, "Sexyyy you could've came harder. it was giving 'here y'all go damn!!!' In contrast, a third praised, "They all ate, the song of the summer."

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