Nicki Minaj Surprises Fans With Cyndi Lauper Duet on Stage in Brooklyn

The 'Anaconda' rapper and 'True Colors' hitmaker team up for an unforgettable Brooklyn performance, marking a collision of eras that brought the house down in Brooklyn's Barclays Center.

AceShowbiz - At Brooklyn's Barclays Center, history was made when Cyndi Lauper, the pop icon famed for her 1983 anthem "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun," graced the stage during Nicki Minaj's Pink Friday 2 World Tour.

This unexpected collaboration left fans ecstatic as the duo performed "Pink Friday Girls," a track that pays homage to Lauper's hit by heavily sampling it. This occurrence wasn't just a performance; it was a manifestation of mutual respect and admiration between two powerhouses from different music generations.

Nicki Minaj, a figure who has often shared her reverence for Lauper, made no secret of her excitement and gratitude for the collaboration. "I have been speaking about this woman in my interviews since I first began rapping," Minaj shared with her audience, visibly moved by the opportunity to perform with her idol.

This gesture of acknowledgment wasn't one-sided - Lauper's participation signified a rare blessing, as it marked the first time she cleared the "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" sample for another artist. Minaj's appreciation was palpable, "I'm told she's never cleared a master recording. I am so grateful," she expressed.

The event was more than a musical performance; it was an emblematic passing of the torch and recognition of influence across generations. The mutual respect between Minaj and Lauper highlighted an important message: the impact of empowering and celebrating fellow artists while they are present to receive their flowers.

The moment was encapsulated when Minaj, after the performance, shared her emotional connection to another of Lauper's songs, "True Colors," to which Lauper sang a snippet a cappella.

Aside from Lauper, the stage saw appearances from other stars such as social media heavyweight Kai Cenat and Pepa of Salt-N-Pepa, adding to the spectacle of the night.

Reflecting on Minaj's journey and her vocal adoration for Lauper over the years - citing her as the creator of her "3 fave songs of all time" - this collaboration was a full-circle moment for Minaj. It was a testament to the power of music in bridging gaps, celebrating influences, and the joy found in fulfilling long-held dreams.

As the Pink Friday 2 World Tour continues, this unforgettable Brooklyn night remains a highlight, illustrating not only the evolution of music across decades but also the shared admiration and support among artists - a true celebration of legacy and camaraderie in the music industry.

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