GloRilla All Smiles in Mug Shot After Exposing Herself During DUI Arrest in Georgia
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According to a police report, the 'Tomorrow' raptress suffered a wardrobe malfunction and her car smelled marijuana and alcohol when she was pulled over for making a U-turn at a red traffic light.

AceShowbiz - GloRilla apparently has no remorse for her recent DUI arrest. The hip-hop star is all smiles in her mug shot which has surfaced online one day after she was booked for traffic violation on Tuesday, April 16 in Georgia.

In the photo obtained and published by TMZ on Wednesday, the 24-year-old flashed her bright smile to the camera while wearing a brown hoodie. Her hair seemed to be tied in a low ponytail and parted to the side while she appeared to go makeup free or wear minimum makeup.

According to a police report, GloRilla, whose real name is Gloria Hallelujah Woods, was initially pulled over by officers on early Tuesday morning at 4 A.M. ET after making a U-turn at a solid red traffic light in Gwinnett County, GA.

During the traffic stop, one of the officers notes that her car smelled marijuana and alcohol. The "Tomorrow" hitmaker reportedly told the officers that she had been drinking that evening, but wouldn't say how much she'd consumed and insisted that she was good to drive.

The police then administered a field sobriety test, but they noticed that she was shaky, especially on staying on her feet. They put her through several other tests, which she seemingly struggled with, but she allegedly refused a breathalyzer test on the scene.

During this exchange with the cops, GloRilla reportedly had a wardrobe malfunction that resulted in her breast slipping out from under her clothes. She apparently was not aware of it until the officer told her about it.

GloRilla was eventually arrested and booked on suspicion of driving under the influence, consuming/possessing an open alcoholic beverage container and a separate traffic charge. She was hauled into jail around 6:12 A.M. ET, but got released a few hours later after posting a bond. An associate, meanwhile, came to pick up her vehicle.

GloRilla has not publicly addressed the arrest.

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