Cheryl Burke Opens Up About Body Dysmorphia and Showmances on 'Dancing with the Stars'
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During her appearance on 'Amy and T.J. Podcast', the 39-year-old professional dancer looks back on her time serving as one of the pro-dancers on the long-running show.

AceShowbiz - Cheryl Burke, 39, has candidly discussed her struggles with body dysmorphia and her experiences with showmances during her time on "Dancing with the Stars".

In a recent interview on the Amy & T.J. Podcast, Burke revealed that she faced body dysmorphia while on the ABC reality series. She recalled being criticized for her weight when she was first on the show at age 21, saying, "[I was growing into who I am as a woman as well. And with that, I did gain weight]."

Despite being confident in her abilities as a trainer, Burke admitted that she would have to change her physical appearance to fit into the show's costumes. "I would probably get on some... strict diet," she said, adding, "But that's my body dysmorphia that I'll forever have."

Burke believes that the negative body image she experienced on the show was a reflection of the era, but acknowledged that such comments would not be tolerated today. However, she emphasized that the pressure to conform did not come from the show but from her own self-perceptions.

In a separate interview, Burke also addressed the rumors of showmances on "Dancing with the Stars." She confirmed having had three showmances, which she described as "lust" rather than love. "In order to be successful on Dancing with the Stars, you have to be ready to be vulnerable," she explained. "You have to feel stupid. You have to look stupid."

Burke also shared that one of her former partners, Chad "Ocho Cinco" Johnson, had professed his love for her on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. However, she clarified that they were never engaged.

Burke left "Dancing with the Stars" in 2022 after 26 seasons. She is currently single and focused on recovering from her control issues and becoming more comfortable in her own skin.

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