Tori Spelling Boasts About Having 'Lady Parts of a 14-Year-Old' After Five C-Section Surgeries

The '90210' alum claims her lady parts are still 'intact' because she delivered all her children via Caesarean sections during her marriage to Dean McDermott.

AceShowbiz - Tori Spelling, the former "90210" actress, made a shocking admission about her private life during an episode of her "Misspelling" podcast. She claimed that despite having five children via Caesarean sections, her OB-GYN has informed her that she has the "lady parts of a 14-year-old" because they are "intact."

Spelling's disclosure came as part of a discussion about her storage unit struggles, which she revealed on the podcast. She admitted to having four storage units filled with her belongings, including items from her 18-year marriage to actor Dean McDermott. She stated that she has been unable to afford the units and is facing foreclosure.

In a previous episode, Spelling had revealed that she couldn't pay for her storage units and needed to clean them out, as she couldn't afford to keep them. She said she had all her children's memories and belongings in the units, but she couldn't pay for them.

During the recent episode, she discovered that two of the units were filled with McDermott's belongings, which she found upsetting. She expressed her sadness and frustration over having to pay for items she didn't need.

Spelling also discussed her weight loss journey and mentioned trying Ozempic and Mounjaro, diabetes medications used for weight loss. She explained that she lost weight on Mounjaro but stopped taking it when she reached her ideal weight.

In a separate episode, Spelling spoke about her past financial struggles and how she was forced to have an estate sale in 2006 due to an outstanding storage unit bill of $80,000. She said the company had auctioned off her belongings but eventually returned some of her personal memorabilia.

Spelling's storage unit issues and financial struggles highlight the challenges she has faced in recent years, particularly since filing for divorce from McDermott in March 2023.

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