Tori Spelling Hospitalized With Split Chin After Latest Fainting Episode

The former '90210' actress finally opens up on her past hospital visits following the latest hospitalization, explaining that she has been suffering from fainting episodes.

AceShowbiz - Tori Spelling has recently faced several health setbacks, including hospitalizations due to fainting episodes and various injuries.

In a podcast episode, Spelling disclosed that she had been hospitalized three nights before after a serious fainting episode that split her chin open. She attributed her fainting spell to dehydration and noted that she rarely drinks water.

Spelling also shared that a similar fainting episode occurred in August 2023, resulting in a three-day hospitalization. She believes that her lack of water consumption may be a form of self-sabotage.

Following her most recent fainting episode, Spelling was released from the hospital with stitches in her chin. She reported feeling dizzy and possibly having a concussion. In addition, she shared photos of bruises on her face and arms, the result of an unknown incident.

Earlier this year, Spelling revealed that she and her children had been experiencing health issues due to mold in their rental home.

Spelling's health concerns have coincided with her ongoing divorce from Dean McDermott, the father of her five children. The couple announced their separation in June 2023, citing a difficult time and the need to prioritize their children's well-being.

Despite her health challenges, Spelling remains positive and grateful for her children's support. She continues to share updates on her condition through social media, thanking her fans and expressing her appreciation for her family's resilience and strength.

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