Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt Bid Farewell to 'Barbenheimer' With Taylor Swift Cover Song on 'SNL'

The 'Barbie' actor kicks off 'Saturday Night Live' with a 'Ken Farewell' monologue which is hilariously interrupted by 'Oppenheimer' leading lady Emily Blunt.

AceShowbiz - On "Saturday Night Live", Ryan Gosling attempted to avoid discussing his portrayal of Ken in the "Barbie" movie but to no avail.

"I'm here because of The Fall Guy," he stated, referring to his new movie, "so don't worry, no Ken jokes." However, he couldn't resist remarking on the emotional toll trying to move on from his previous character. "It's like a breakup when you let go," he explained, prompting him to perform a Taylor Swift song to express his feelings.

Donning his Barbie mink coat, Gosling was interrupted by Emily Blunt, his "Fall Guy" co-star. "We had a Fall Guy monologue planned," Blunt said, "but you're singing about Ken again." Despite Blunt's attempts to stop him, Gosling continued singing, prompting a chorus of Barbies to join in.

Despite the emotional outpouring, Blunt urged Gosling to move on. "Ken is dead," she declared. "It's time to say farewell."

In a nod to their summer film counterparts, Blunt eventually couldn't resist joining Gosling to reminisce about their "Barbenheimer" phenomenon. She admitted to missing playing Kitty Oppenheimer in "Oppenheimer", released simultaneously with "Barbie". Overwhelmed with nostalgia, they broke into a duet of "All Too Well."

Gosling officially hosted "SNL" for the third time, with Chris Stapleton as the musical guest. Dua Lipa will return on May 4 as both the host and musical guest.

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