T.J. Holmes Admits to Having 'Anxiety and Fear' When He's Away From Amy Robach
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The former 'Good Morning America 3' co-anchor makes the honest confession after his partner reveals on their podcast that she's going to Germany to see her older daughter.

AceShowbiz - T.J. Holmes doesn't like being apart from Amy Robach. During the Friday, April 12, episode of their "Amy and T.J." podcast, the former "Good Morning America 3" co-anchor admitted that he has "anxiety and fear" whenever they are not together.

The 46-year-old made the honest confession after his partner revealed she's going to Germany to see her older daughter. "We are about to be apart for the first time in a long time for a couple of days," the mom of two, who shares daughters Ava, 21, and Annalise, 17, with ex-husband Tim McIntosh, said.

T.J. joked that he wouldn't mind the distance between them. "Everybody needs a break. Sometimes you don't realize you need a break," he stated. "I said maybe. I didn't say I would like or that I want. I didn't say we need[ed] it. I said maybe. I don't have a hand in us being apart."

Amy then asked what T.J. had planned for the four days without her. In response, he quipped, "I am guessing [be in the] fetal position for several days." The journalist then got more honest, "I will be worried about you traveling."

T.J. went on to explain, "I have said this to you plenty of times. I get not pissed [but] really frustrated when we are apart in traveling apart. We have been through so much together." He continued, "[Now] I always get an anxiety and a fear that if we are not together then I'm not there with you to protect you or help you. I just don't like being apart from you."

"I do get anxiety that something is going to happen and after all that we have gone through I freak out about that," T.J. further elaborated. Amy responded by making a joke a joke about T.J. "not missing" her, to which he replied, "It is not a matter of missing you. I miss you when you go to the bathroom. I hate when we travel apart for long periods of time."

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