Jayda Cheaves Defends Going on Lunch With Lil Baby After Being Labeled a 'Hypocrite'

The social media influencer appears to get irritated after fans speculated that she rekindled romance with the 'Drip Too Hard' rhymer as they were caught having lunch together.

AceShowbiz - Jayda Cheaves is not here for social media users scrutinizing her personal life. The Internet personality has been left fuming after people theorized about her relationship status with Lil Baby as they were spotted on a lunch together.

The entrepreneur, who shares a son named Loyal Armani with the rapper, has clapped back at fans who called her a "hypocrite" for having lunch with the "My Dawg" emcee after calling it quits with him months ago. They began to speculate that she rekindled her romance with her baby daddy after their recent outing together.

"Cause you back with that man. They caught you Jayda," one person wrote to Jayda, who responded via Snapchat, "Yall dragging it real bad.. Yall act like yall caught us f**king or walking out a damn hotel. Yall better leave me tf alone. Weird a*s lady recording us AT LUNCH .. mind you I'm digging out a whole wedgie like BYE I cannottttt."

When someone argued, "We just don't like how y'all say to us oh I'm standing on business & then be the opposite behind closed doors seems like an act but we support you," she explained, "Babe I am grown. I do, travel, talk to, entertain, go to lunch with, & don't talk to WHATEVER I WANT when I want to … don't let that go ur head."

"But…. You're still being a hypocrite is what she's saying," a third critic said, prompting Jayda to defend herself, "A hypocrite to who? Cuz I went to get lunch in a public place (wasn't hiding) with my sons father? Miss me with it. I don't even owe yall an explanation. I've been single for a whole year now & yall still doing all this over lunch. S**ts weird."

Another person responded by saying, "See now I'm finna get back w mine." Slamming the fan for misunderstanding her outing with Lil Baby, she wrote back, "This just slow. Lmao it never gave that."

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