Metro Boomin Blames Hackers on Shady Posts Amid Drake Feud
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Following a series of shady posts, the rapper who is embroiled in a beef with Drake following his joint album with Future claims his social media account was hacked.

AceShowbiz - Metro Boomin has recently become embroiled in a social media controversy, engaging in a war of words with Drake and sparking speculation about a beef between the two artists. Following the release of Metro's joint album "We Don't Trust You" with Future, he announced on Twitter that his phone number and social media accounts had been hacked.

The feud escalated through the track "Like That" on the album, which features Kendrick Lamar. The song contains pointed lyrics that appear to reference Drake. Amidst the confusion, Metro has denied any beef with Drake, claiming that his tweets were the result of the alleged hack.

Metro claimed that a Toronto phone number had been relentlessly calling him, "It all started 2 days before the album dropped and all these 416 numbers would call me back 2 back a million times. It got so bad I had to keep my phone on airplane mode."

He shared screenshots of multiple Canadian phone numbers spamming his phone, leading to speculation that Drake or his crew may have been involved.

Just recently, he followed it up with a caution that hackers were behind any "corny" tweets from his account in the past few weeks. "jus got my phone # and accounts back today somebody hacked me the day the album dropped smh (sic)," he wrote on X. "and all those corny a** tweets all my day 1s know that's nowhere in my character. All positivity always on my end. We blessed. It's all love #WeDontTrustYou."

He also wrote, "Now I just found out in real time that all the Tyler LV I ordered just got shipped to the hacker."

However, many expressed skepticism, suggesting that Metro was lying. Fans remain on the lookout for further developments in this ongoing saga, as Metro's claims and the song's lyrics fuel the speculation surrounding the alleged feud.

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