Lizzo Shows Off Her Curves in Instagram Return After Quitting Music Industry

The 'Truth Hurts' hitmaker is back on social media, showing off her curves in various swimwear only a few days after declaring her exit from the industry due to constant criticisms.

AceShowbiz - Lizzo has made a stunning comeback to the limelight just three days after announcing her retirement from the music industry. In an Instagram post uploaded on Friday, March 29, the "Juice" hitmaker had expressed her exhaustion with constant criticism and scrutiny due to her appearance. However, on Monday, the singer was back on social media promoting her Yitty swimwear line.

In her earlier post, Lizzo had stated, "I'm getting tired of putting up with being dragged by everyone in my life and on the internet... I'm constantly up against lies being told about me for clout & views... being the butt of the joke every single time because of how I look."

Despite her previous declaration, Lizzo is not staying away from the spotlight. Instead, she has embraced the concept of body neutrality, acknowledging that her feelings towards her body fluctuate daily. She said, "The way you feel about your body changes every single day. There are some days I adore my body, and others when I don't feel completely positive."

Lizzo's recent Instagram post showcases her trademark curves in various swimsuits against a vibrant underwater backdrop. The star has proven that she is not one to be deterred by criticism and is determined to embrace her body and make others feel good about theirs.

Lizzo's swimwear collection, launched under her brand Yitty, features innovative double-layered tricot compression zones strategically placed in the waist and belly areas to enhance curves comfortably.

"We have spent the past two years infusing our bestselling, groundbreaking shapewear technology into water-friendly sexy, swim silhouettes for every damn body," Lizzo said.

Despite her return to social media, Lizzo continues to face criticism, with some expressing concern that her quick reversal of her retirement decision indicates a lack of commitment to her cause. However, Lizzo remains unfazed, vowing to use her platform to empower others and challenge outdated beauty standards.

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