Chilli Sparks Debate as She Refuses to Be Called 'Chocolate': I'm Caramel Without a Tan

The TLC member doubles down on her claim that she is actually 'caramel' after some social media users dubbed her 'chocolate' in response to her cute video with boyfriend Matthew Lawrence.

AceShowbiz - Rozonda Thomas a.k.a. Chilli has sparked a debate about her actual skin color after she refuted the notion that she's chocolate. Contrary to what many people have always thought, the singer has insisted that she's actually caramel without a tan.

Chilli's skin color became a hot topic on social media after she's featured in a cute video with her boyfriend Matthew Lawrence. In the clip, the pair performed a synchronized dance during their vacation in Jamaica. "Jamaica made us do it!" read the caption of their joint post, which was uploaded on Instagram on Tuesday, February 20.

In the caption, a commenter reacted to Matthew's dance, "Ok Matthew! He got some chocolate now he got the moves!! I approve!!" Upon catching wind of the fan's comment, Chilli quickly clarified that she's actually "caramel," not chocolate.

Another person begged to differ, writing, "right it's almost like she didn't like being called chocolate but she is chocolate and chocolate is beautiful. Never be ashamed of that." But Chilli doubled down on her previous claim, saying, "Chocolate is beautiful also...never said it wasn't. But without a tan, I'm caramel...what's the harm in being truthful? Good grief."

After Chilli's responses to the notion that she's chocolate were reposted on The Neighborhood Talk's page, many slammed her for denying that she's chocolate. "The fact she felt the need to clarify says a lot," one person said.

Another weighed in, "I don't even think the person literally meant chocolate as in the color of chocolate. She meant he got himself a BLACK woman. I don't even understand what was the point of tryna correct it caramel lol. Girl, you black and that's beautiful." Another claimed, "She hates her skin tone. Girl ain't nothing wrong with being chocolate."

Others disagreed with the TLC member as one insisted, "Baby you're chocolate and that's ok." Another quipped, "She must've had a tan her whole life then." Another pointed out, "This lady been the same complexion, my whole entire life and her whole entire life as well. When the f**k was she Carmel [sic]?" One other similarly added, "We've seen her with and without tans and its chocolate every time."

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