Zayn Malik Accused of Asking for Threesome '40 Times' After Meeting TikToker on Tinder

Aside from the accusation, the TikTok user releases a series of never-before-seen pictures of the 'Pillowtalk' singer and screenshots of their alleged text exchanges.

AceShowbiz - Zayn Malik has been thrown under the bus by a TikToker following their alleged nine months of fling. The "Pillowtalk" hitmaker, who is a former One Direction member, was accused of asking for threesome "40 times" by the TikTok user after they met on Tinder.

On Thursday, February 8, the TikTok user, who goes by the name Sam Fisher and resides in Pennsylvania, uploaded a video to tell her story about her intimate relationship with the 31-year-old British singer. In the clip, she claimed that he sent her a Direct Message from his verified Instagram account after they met on Tinder. She said that they continued communicating through text messages before they decided to see each other in person.

Sam stated, "At the time I figured it'd probably be a one and done thing, but it continued. Probably longer than it should have." She went on to note that he messaged her "every few weeks" during their "easy" and "casual" relationship. She alleged that things began to "change" after she let him know that she was previously in a romance with a woman.

Sam recalled, "From that moment, [Zayn] got it in his head that he wanted a threesome. He asked probably 40 different times for a threesome with me and somebody that I chose." She further revealed that he told her not to reveal his identity to a second woman who would join them in the bedroom. She then admitted that she pulled out of the deal due to personal concerns when she found the second woman, leaving him enraged.

Aside from telling the story, Sam released a number of screenshots of her alleged text exchanges with Zayn in her previous videos, one of which she captioned, "Story time coming on how I met Zayn Malik through tinder and the nine months I spent hooking up with him." Not stopping there, she also unveiled many never-before-seen photos of the singer. While some of the pictures saw him shirtless, one snap showed him flaunting his blonde hair.

After sharing the videos, Sam garnered mixed responses from TikTok users. In the comments sections of the clips, one in particular blasted Zayn for gaslighting her, "Reading them texts.. girl I felt like I was going crazy right with u! Gaslighting at its finest. ur a survivor!" Meanwhile, another noted, "I see a guy hitting u up to see if you're down for some fun and if you wanna bring a friend. He was just asking."

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