Jodie Comer Just Leaves Her Awards Sitting on the Floor
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The 'Killing Eve' actress explains that she hasn't figured out the best place to display her collection of trophies that include BAFTA, Emmy, Tony, and Olivier Awards at her home.

AceShowbiz - Jodie Comer has no idea "what to do" with her awards. The 30-year-old actress collected prizes including BAFTA and Emmy Awards for TV show "Killing Eve" and Tony and Olivier awards for stage production "Prima Facie" but admitted the statuettes are currently just lying on her living room floor because she hasn't found a place she feels comfortable displaying them yet.

"I haven't had to take them through security - I don't carry them around with me! They're just on the living room floor. I don't know what to do with them. Put them in the downstairs toilet? That seems a bit obnoxious, 'Oh, look at my awards in the toilet!' " she told The Guardian newspaper.

"The End We Start From" actress acknowledged winning an Academy Award is regarded as the "pinnacle of acting" - but she'd rather Everton FC won the Premier league than bag herself an Oscar.

Asked if she'd rather win and Oscar or see Everton with the league, she said, "The Oscar is considered the pinnacle of acting. You receive one of them … but I think I have to say winning the league, purely to see the joy and elation on my dad and my brother's faces."

In "Killing Eve", Jodie's character Villanelle was known for her high-fashion outfits, but she kept very little after filming ended. She admitted, "I kept a couple of pairs of shoes. I'm not sure I'd want to walk around in her clothes on the street!"

The "Free Guy" actress also revealed she is "really, really" keen to star in a musical. She said, "I'd love to do sci-fi, but sci-fi that's rooted in reality. I'd love to do something 'Black Mirror'-esque."

"I'd really, really love to do a musical. I'm not fussy, as long as I can sing. Maybe a remake of a classic - not 'Mary Poppins', because Emily Blunt has done that very recently, so that's her jam. Or a biopic. 'Killing Eve' the Musical? Maybe not. Don't go spreading those rumours!"

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