Tokyo Toni Defends Herself for Singing Beyonce's Song Despite Hate Comment on Singer

The mother of reality TV star Blac Chyna reveals the reason why she still dances and sings along to the 'Break My Soul' hitmaker's track despite ranting against the singer.

AceShowbiz - Tokyo Toni has defended herself for singing along to Beyonce Knowles' song despite her apparent hatred towards the superstar. The mother of reality TV star Blac Chyna explained the reason why she did so after making a hate comment on the "Break My Soul" hitmaker.

In the comments section of her recent social media post, Tokyo wrote, "Said was a demon, didn't say she couldn't make a bop." Tokyo was giving her response to a comment that read, "She so confusing, she was just calling [Beyonce] a demon."

Prior to her statement, Tokyo made use of TikTok to release a video on Wednesday, December 6. In the clip, she was singing along to one of Beyonce's tracks titled "Cuff It". She appeared joyful while listening to the music and showing her dance moves. Near the end of the clip, she appeared to have lit up a cigarette.

Tokyo, who left the caption of the post blank, was documented wearing a light gray hoodie and a pair of long green army pants. While styling her long black tresses into small braids, she covered their upper part with a matching green baseball hat. She also donned a pair of earrings, a gold bracelet, silver wrist watch with sparkling diamonds all over its strap and necklace.

Tokyo's video and her previous comment were later reshared via Instagram. It did not take long for the post to be flooded with online responses. In the comments section, one Instagram user penned, "Yall know that woman be looking for attention…she like the drunk auntie lol." Another joined in, " 'Said she was a demon, didn't say she couldn't make a bop' Tokyo is crazy," adding a slew of smiling faces with tears of joy emojis.

In the meantime, a third claimed, "Lmaooo once somebody talk bad about Beyonce I don't even like them no more, but Tokyo crazy so she gets a pass." A fourth added, "Yall have to understand Tokyo is an IG DC auntie. S**t talking is a sport. She isn't sparing feelings and she's going to say how she feels in the moment, it doesn't mean it won't change."

Previously, Tokyo filmed herself as she ranted against the "Halo" songstress. "Why are you grooming our black children through your daughter? I don't care nothing about your BeyHive, those lil demons will get sprayed down with my mouth - pure Holy water," she stated.

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